The First Blended Execution Network

Fluent blends multiple VMs into a unified execution environment, granting developers freedom of choice over each component of their applications.

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Blend Execution

Fluent is an Ethereum L2 that supports apps from multiple VMs within one state machine. Build real-time composable apps with Solidity, Rust and Vyper smart contracts. Wasm and EVM supported today, SVM soon.


Different languages have different benefits. Pick the best tools for each of your app’s components.


Leverage common crypto tools that you’re already familiar with + millions of open-source libraries available for your favorite languages.


Build high throughput apps across social, consumer, and gaming use cases.


Deploy on a shared execution environment for apps across ecosystems.

The Fluent Stack

Learn about The Fluent Stack

Starting with Wasm, EVM and SVM. The Fluent Stack is extendable to MoveVM, CairoVM and more.

Learn about shared sovereign apps

A blended execution environment to deploy real-time composable apps in multiple programming languages on Ethereum.

Learn about Fluentbase

A development framework for modular chains and offchain verifiable compute environments. Fluentbase integrates with Celestia, Espresso, EigenDA, and more.